Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TAKE THREE-Days 16 & 17

DAY 17: Plyo

Once again, I did NOT workout before work (I had something REALLY important to do....catch up Gossip Girl and Greek on the DVR...) meaning I was dreading the end of the day and having to work out. It wasn't that bad though. This DVD is sticking in the warm up (and I realized last time I must have just forwarded from where it skipped cause I had forgotten about all the lunges and squats in the WARM UP), but I got it past where it skips. Actually, I just realized, I DID attempt to do this in the am: I pressed play, started the warm up, it froze and I decided it was the universe's way of telling me to sit back down and watch TV! I did fairly well, though I didn't really give my all on the stupid Rock Star Jumps and I still am only doing 15 secs per leg on the last 1 minute exercise.

DAY 18: Run

A little over 3 miles in the break from the wind and rain Mother Nature was so gracious as to provide for me! Best part? It was BEFORE work, so I'm back on track!

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