Saturday, October 17, 2009

Take THREE: Days 19-28

DAY 19: Bis, Tris, & Shoulders; Ab Ripper X

Finally back into the groove of working out in the am! It feels so good to have my workout done before work. I tried to challenge myself w/heavier weights this time; we'll see if I feel any difference. I saved Ab Ripper for after work; I'm finding I get a better work out w/it this way. It's feeling so much easier; I'm amazed at how out of shape I'd gotten since last time!

DAY 20: Run

Just an easy 3+ mile jog. Nothing special.

DAY 21: Yoga X

Yoga?! On a Saturday NIGHT?! Bummer. I feel like a broken record, but 90 minutes is a LONG time. This is starting to feel easier and I (think) I'm going deeper in most of the poses. I did the extra push up between Upward Dog and Downward Dog every time.

DAY 22: Run

I planned to go for a longer run today, but I made it about 3 miles before I had some intense (so bad I was contemplating flagging down a car to take me home-I had to stop and sit on the side of the road for about 5 minutes until the intensity subsided so I could make it home!) cramping, so I ended up having to walk the remaining close to 2 miles home. I was so disappointed cause I'd been feeling so good and looking forward to getting a little more mileage in. Bummer.

DAY 23: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
What a way to start a Monday morning! I still think Wall Sits SUCK, but, other than that, this workout isn't that bad. I did not use weights on the optional exercises, but I will have to next time. Still no bands, so I did crappy push ups. Ab Ripper in the evening again with great results!

DAY 24: Run
I enjoyed a surprisingly dry am run (I'd been anticipated a wet rainy cold run). My hamstring felt a little tight, so I nixed the intervals I'd planned to do and went w/a straight 3+ miles jog.

DAY 25: Kenpo X
I couldn't make myself push play in the morning, despite the fact I was in my workout clothes and had the DVD in the DVD player, so I had to do this after work. I have no problems w/this workout. I'm not a huge fan of the first set, but it's over quickly and I'm on the next one. In fact, this whole workout seems to be over before I know it...

DAY 26: Run
I found it much easier to get myself out the door at 5 am knowing that tomorrow would be a day OFF! Same old, same old: 3+ miles.

I love that my day of rest rotates and falls on a different day of the week. It fell on a Friday, this cycle, and that was a super end to the work week. (Though, I did feel as though I SHOULD be working out!)

DAY 28: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
Just completed this workout (just in time for kick off at the ND-USC game!). I finally remembered to snag some bands and I used them instead of doing pull ups. I like that A LOT better. I'm hoping I feel it long as I do, I'll continue to use the bands (I do need a heavier resistance, though, I think). I haven't done Ab Ripper yet, but I will after the game. I did at least 20 of each type of push up (save Diamond and Dive Bomber-10 of them) the first rung and between 25-30 the second.

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