Wednesday, September 30, 2009

P90X-Take THREE!

I've decided to try P90X yet again, with a twist. Though I truly don't enjoy running, it's something I feel I need to do to be fit. Plyo and kenpo just don't seem to be enough cardio for me. However, I went back to all running (w/some weight training thrown it, too) and it just wasn't enough either. So, I've decided to try alternating running and P90X daily and see how that works out for me! Here we go:

DAY 1: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X

Wow. I forgot how much I loathe pull ups. The push ups were ok, but I just don't like pull ups. I think I'm going to get a band and try using that instead of pull ups (I have lost strength, though; it's all I can do to do ONE pull up!). The push ups were tough, but doable. I think I did at least 20 of each variety, save the diamond and under the fence versions (10 each).

I've also lost a lot of core strength, apparently, cause Ab Ripper was not fun, either!

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