Friday, May 2, 2008

DAY 12: Let me toot my own horn!

DAY 12:  Legs/Back (and Ab Ripper X)

First, let me tell you how proud I am of me.  Apparently I enjoyed the nectar of the gods a little too much last evening and though I woke up w/all intentions of getting my Friday workout out of the way at 4:50 AM, there was no way that was happening!  Fast forward to the end of the work day and I STILL felt not-so-hot.  Had I not been doing P90X (and blogging about my experience) there's not a chance I would have worked out today.  But, knowing I had to post, I indulged in a little "hair of the dog" and pushed play.

Feeling the way I did, my intentions were simply to complete the workout and hopefully get something out of it.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I think I did very well on the leg exercises (I even completed ALL the calf exercises!)...the only one I felt I may not have had the best form on was single leg wall squats, but those are HARD!!!

The pull ups were just ok.  On a positive note, I did do one of each of the 4 varieties (wait, I'm lying, not on switch grip either set) w/out the chair first, but I didn't do as many reps w/the cheater chair as usual.  

Something else to be proud of me for, I completed the cool down!!!!  And, I even added some of my own extra stretched above and beyond (my lower back has been really bothering me, so I figured I'd better get some stretching in)!

I have not finished Ab Ripper yet, but I have it cued up and ready to go.  I'm a little concerned about fitting Kenpo in tomorrow because I've committed to running about 9 miles in the morning w/my amazingly fit 50 year old mom who's training for her first marathon.  She's always willing to do an extra workout w/me, so I couldn't leave her hanging (she's running TWENTY miles, I'm just doing the back nine!).  I'm still planning to complete Kenpo, but we'll see how the run goes.  On thing is sure, I am def taking advantage of Sunday's scheduled REST!

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