Saturday, May 3, 2008

DAY 13: 8.5 miles + Kenpo X?!


So, my amazingly fit, awesomely supportive 50 year old mom is running her first marathon.  She asked me if I'd run some of her "long run w/her today.  I initially declined because I am in the midst of P90X, but how can you decline the woman who gave birth to you?!!

So, this morning, I ran 8.5 miles w/my mom (after she'd already run 11.5!!!!).  It hurt. My legs felt like cement blocks after yesterday's back and legs workout.  My glutes felt like rocks. But, I completed the run w/minimal whining, and w/all intentions of completing Kenpo X when I returned home. Then, The Man wanted to go to a "local" brew pub for dinner.  So, I showered, got ready, and we took off.  Only to find out (when we arrived at 3:20) it didn't open til 4:00.  No problem...we head next door and enjoy a couple of Sam Adams Summer Ales and return at 4:00...only to learn the KITCHEN doesn't open til 5:00!  We each have a beer before deciding to head "home" to a local tavern to eat dinner.  So, I've now had a few beers and a dinner (yummy personal pan pizza!!!) when I decide to attempt Kenpo X.  

I made it 31 minutes before I decided I'm a quitter.  My back is actually tender to the touch and I'm not going to push it anymore.  I at least completed half of Kenpo X (after 8.5 miles jogging) and I'm proud of myself.  I am taking tomorrow off, as recced by the P90X schedule!!!!  I can't wait!!!  I am actually a little worried about my back, though.  I have had a herniated disc before and my lower back isn't the most stable (no surgery, too young at the time).  The logical part of me knows I should rest, but the competitive part of me thinks I'm already 13 days into it, I'm not getting off track now!!!  We'll see how Monday goes.....

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