Monday, May 5, 2008

DAY 15: Here we go WEEK 3....Chest & Back

DAY 15: Chest & Back

I woke up early this AM to complete the workout BEFORE work. I tallied my results and determined I did 220 push ups this morning (I have to admit, 10 of those were modified-on my knees...the Diamond Push Ups are killers....the first set I managed 8 on my toes, second set I completed 10, deep ones, from my knees)! Push ups felt a little tougher this morning, but not too bad. I'm not a big fan of Diamond and Decline (because they are HARD). The "under the fence" ones are tough, too, but they're at the end so they don't seem quite as bad. I think I need to find a thinner pillow for under my chest to make sure I'm going even deeper next time.

The pull ups were just so so again. I'm not sure what my deal is w/them. I need to WATCH someone perform them w/the cheater chair to make sure I'm doing them right. I'm still only able to do 1 real one each set, then on to the cheater chair.

Good news! Drum roll, please.......I have lost 1 inch from my waist and 2 inches from my hips in the last 14 days! Woot woot! (I haven't modified my diet at all, if I followed their diet plan instead of my eat-whatever-you-want-especially-if-it's-"bad"-for-you diet, I'm sure I would be seeing even more drastic results! However, I'm a big fan of food and I'm already fairly fit, so I'm not interested in being that extreme.)

Didn't do Ab Ripper yet (started the In & Outs and Forward Bicycle, then bagged it); I'll do it this evening w/The Man. My abs are feeling rock hard!

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