Thursday, May 1, 2008

DAY 11: YogUGH


Today was just not my day.  I didn't mind Yoga last week (once I realized the "hard" part was over after 50 minutes), but today just wasn't my day.  I didn't do it in the AM as I had planned and I wouldn't say I was dreading it went I got home, but I had no desire to workout.  All I wanted to do was crack open an ice cold Moosehead and watch bad reality TV.  In fact, if not for the fact that I write this blog and on the off change someone would read it and KNOW that I didn't do do Day 11, I may well have bagged the workout today.   So, it's a good thing you're not reading this.

I DID do the workout, but I can't say it was my best effort.  The first part, the moving poses, wasn't as hard as I remembered, partly because my effort sucked and partly because I knew when the end was coming!  I have to confess, at one point during the balance poses, I actually checked my mySapce...oh the shame (it was during Crane, which Tony tells beginners NOT to do, so I felt like being a beginner today)!  I really like the Yoga Belly X moves; they're great core poses and I was shaking as I did some of them.  

On a positive note, my shoulders felt the burn very early today in the Warrior poses letting me know yesterday was a good workout!  I also learned I need to do laundry more frequently, as my favorite workout shirt (that I've been wearing since I started P90X for most workouts) reeks and I almost had to hold my breath during Downward Dog.

This is a great workout, I'm upset w/myself and my half-@$$ed effort today.  

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