Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love DAY 10

DAY 10 = Arms & Shoulders (and, of course, Ab Ripper X)

I'm still thinking this is the "easiest" workout.  I did not do it in the AM as I was busy trying to scratch my eyes out of my face (apparently I've developed allergies, yuck!).  I, of course, waited to the very last possible minute to do it and not be late to my nephew's 2nd bday party.

If you recall, I wasn't a big fan of my workout from this workout last week, mostly because of the inconvenience of using "selectorize" dumb bells.  This week was much better because I already knew what weights I wanted to use and when I needed to change them out.  I increased almost all of my weights and felt like I got a good workout, especially with the first 2 sets of exercises.  I did 15 reps of each exercise (except the ones where "everyone" does 16 reps) and 25/30 dips.

My biggest problem w/this workout was intense finger/hand cramping!  Holy cow!  By the end of the workout, my form was def suffering because my hands were screaming and it was all I could do to keep a hold of the dumb bells.  I didn't do the bonus set simply because I'd procrastinated too long and was running out of time (which means I also didn't do the cool down that I promised I was going to begin doing today!).

Ab Ripper X was better today than it was on Monday, but my abs were def burning!!

I know Tony annoyed the heck out of a bunch of people in other blogs/reviews I've read, but he still isn't bothering me.  I like him.  He's more "real" than any other exercise instructor on a DVD I've used and he doesn't lie...there's nothing I hate more than being told I have 1 more only to do 27 more!

My goal for tomorrow is to not snooze so I can have enough time to do my 98 minutes of Yoga X BEFORE work so I can have the afternoon off!

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