Friday, April 25, 2008

DAY 5: sucks

So, today marks the first day I swore at the TV during P90X...this isn't unusual; I frequently let out a stream of choice words at Billy Blanks during Tae Bo...but that's because he LIES! He's always saying one more set and you do 753 more reps. Liar face. Thankfully, Tony is NOT a big fat liar, he just works my @** off! (Hopefully, literally!)

Today is (scratch that, WAS, because I already did this morning! Woo hoo) legs and back. I should probably preface this by telling you I HATE LEGS. Lunges could be my least favorite exercise ever. The workout starts off w/the usual warm up and stretch. Then, the "fun" begins. And by "fun", I mean scream-at-the-TV-feel-as-though-your-legs-will-fall-off-wonder-why-you-aren't-still-snug-in-bed fun.

I wasn't sure what to expect w/this workout because the worksheet only showed 2 sets of 4 different types of pull ups. There were no clues to what leg torture lay ahead... The basic format was 2-3 leg exercises (like squats, more types of lunges than should even exist, wall sits & single leg wall sits, groucho walk, and calf raises) followed by a pull up set. Each leg exercise was repeated anywhere from 15-30 reps, varying by exercise. I gotta be honest...I did not complete every exercise. A couple of times I wussed out at 15-20 reps. The one I specifically remember bailing out on was a calf exercise. I hate sore calves; they hurt and my calves are already sore from Days 1-4, so I was just a big baby and slacked a little.

I think I did better on the pull ups already (though it could just be wishful thinking). I was able to do 1 at the beginning of each set 4 of the 8 times, as opposed to just once back on Monday. This is officially my least favorite to date, I just don't know if it's because I was tired, I hate legs, it's been a long week, or if I just really didn't like it.

I made myself do it this morning so I could be done for the day since it's FRIDAY, but I just realized I still have to do Ab Ripper tonight at some least it's only 16 minutes. Speaking of minutes, after the 98 minute marathon that was Yoga yesterday, this workout seemed like a sprint!

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