Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 0-Am I Fit Enough to Get Fit?

So, today's the day my husband and I set to begin our P90X journey.  Great.  Can't wait.  It all begins w/the dreaded "before" photos.  We had to take 6 photos, while wearing shorts and a sports bra (not him, he just wore shorts):  2 front views, 2 side views, and 2 AHHHHHHH rear views!  Not pretty; if I were more confident, I'd post them for you to see. But, I'm not.  Plus, I take comfort in my anonymity. We then had to measure our chest, waist, hips, R/L thighs, and R/L biceps (thus inciting a lengthy debate as to exactly where the measurements were to be taken).  One more measurement before we have to actually do something:  resting heart rate (52 for me).  

Onto the action.  We were supposed to warm up for 10 minutes, breaking a "light sweat" varying between movements such as jogging in place, jumping jacks, marching, etc.  After 3 minutes of laughing at each other and running around our living/dining rooms, we declared ourselves "warm" and moved on.  The first test was pull ups.   I could do a whopping....1!  Yeah!  Pathetic as it is, I did meet the required pre-reqs to continue (kinda like having to be this tall to ride).  Due to rather low ceilings, we opted to skip the vertical leap test.

All of these pre-tests require you to perform until "failure"...which to me meant going at least as long as my husband did before I quit.  Test 3=push ups.  I completed 39, soaring well above the sorry required THREE!  On to Test 4 which is the toe touch (and another debate about how far apart feet should be....I said 12" like the President's Challenge test The Man said they should be together...I gave in).  I reached 9' past my feet.

Test 5 is the dreaded Wall Squat...I call them Wall Sits.  You basically put your back against the wall and pretend you are sitting, with your quads parallel to the floor.  Sucks.  I lasted 1:14, :14 beyond the required 1 min (and :02 longer than The Man).  Moving on to Test 6:  Bicep Curls.  I used 10lbs and completed 35 reps (needed at least 10 reps at 8lbs to be "cleared" to begin).  

Test 7 tests abdominal strengths:  "In & Outs"....basically, you put your weight on your butt w/your hands on the floor beside you and bring your knees to your chest then extend w/out letting your feet touch the floor.  Repeat until you can't repeat anymore (which for me was 30 times).

The last test we needed to complete was a Heart Rate Maximizer.  We had to perform jumping jacks for 2 min, with the last 30 seconds being as hard as we could, then take out HR immediately after and at 1 min intervals for the following 4 minutes.  No problem.

This pre-test was easy enough, right?  Now we're cleared for take off...oh no.

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