Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 3...was this really....EASY?!

First, let me just tell you how my body felt when I woke up this morning...OUCH! Crazy sore, but in a good way. I def know I've been using some different muscle groups; I love feeling the burn! Pretty much all of my body is sore right now, except my quads, hams, traps, and tris (and I can already feel the sore coming on in my traps and tris from this mornings workout!).


The warm up was a little rocky, getting loosened up and ready to go (the fact it was 5:15 may have played a role in that, as well). I liked the set up of this workout: shoulder exercise, bicep exercise, tricep exercise, then repeat all 3. Set your own goal- 8-10 reps for growth, 12-15 to tone (NEVER 11!!). I did 15 reps of everything and will need to increase my weight next time (started off w/10's for everything and made some minor adjustments, 15's or 7.5's along the way). There were 4 sets of 3 different exercises in all, completing each cycle twice. There's also a Bonus Round...I did NOT do the bonus round due to time constraints, but I plan to do it w/The Man tonight. I will also do Ab Ripper w/him.

My only issue w/this workout is my own. We have BowFlex select-a-size dumbbells and it was kind of a pain taking them back to the base to adjust the weight (which is why I really didn't that much this workout). It will be better next time since I now know what weights I'd like to use.

I've also noticed an increased appetite...I am HUNGRY a lot! I have read that one of problems people have w/P90X is not taking in enough calories for the increased workload. I've been trying to eat snacks at regular intervals, usually Nature's Valley Sweet & Salty Almond granola bars (OMG, soooo good! They actually ARE sweet AND salty!) and Wild Bill's beef jerky along w/my 3 regular meals.

I don't remember if I've pointed this out yet or not, but I do NOT plan to follow the P90X nutrition plan (though I am impressed w/the science behind it and think it's a well rounded plan). One step at a time, people. Baby steps.

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