Monday, April 28, 2008

And on the 7TH DAY, she "rested"

Today was supposed to be the "rest" day or the Stretch X day. Instead, I ran about 4 miles and walked 1.5. This was more of a social run/walk than "exercise", but it was still something. I am planning to incorporate some running in in addition to my P90X workouts this week. Nothing crazy, just some easy runs and maybe a day w/some interval training to keep up my cardio. I just finished an 11 week session w/a personal cardio trainer from my FIL's college program (kind of like a "student teacher", but a trainer) and I don't want to lose the gains I made there.

It's Day 8 now, and I haven't done my work out yet. I took Benedryl last night for stupid itchy eyes from allergies and though I still got up a little after 5, I didn't feel up to push ups/pull ups. I want to be able to do this work out well, so I'm waiting until after work. Something to look forward to. Great. Feeling a little "fat" today...could be the Smiddicks & Moosehead. Or maybe the pizza & 1/2 cheesesteak. Or maybe the Parmesan garlic chicken tenders. Or maybe the cookies I baked yesterday. Hmmmmmmm

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