Monday, February 9, 2009

TAKE 2: DAY 39 & DAY 40


Yoga was nice today because I did it with my mom.  It was nice for a few reasons:
*A-it's always nice to spend time w/my mom,
*B-it's always nice to workout (ie share pain/misery) w/someone, and
*C-it was nice to see/hear from someone else (who is in amazing shape...she runs ~30 miles per week + swims 2 miles per week + lifts twice per week...she exercises at least 360 days of the year...AND she just ran a marathon at age 50!!!) how difficult this is!
So, Yoga didn't suck as bad yesterday and I did it all in one shot.

DAY 40:  Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

So, I had a crappy day.  I suffer from dysmenorrhea and was miserable today.  To top it off, I sort of "OD-ed" on OTC pain relievers and was in an annoying fog the rest of the day.  Working out was NOT something I wanted to do, but it never even crossed my mind NOT to.  For real!  That's awesome and that's def one of the best things about this are committed for 90 days!  Who wants to make it 39 days and then fail?!  Not me!!

I had a good leg workout, but, surprise surprise, not so much w/the pull ups. I have got to start focusing on them.  I may get some bands and see if that helps at all...

Going to push play right now to get through Ab Ripper X and then off to bed... 

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