Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TAKE 2: DAY 44, DAY 45, DAY 46, & DAY 47

HOLY COW!  I did NOT quit, but apparently I've been a blogging slacker!!!  Let's get caught up...

DAY 44:  Plyometrics

This was a big turning point for me, as I was SICK, AND it was a Friday, AND I was already comfortably dressed in jeans, AND I didn't work out in the morning, AND I still DID IT!  After a long boring day of in-service, I talked a co-worker into the starting the work out w/me and I banged it out.  It was nice having someone else do part of it w/me, both to help pass the time AND as a gauge to sort of measure my progress; this is DEF getting easier, guess that means it's time for a *recovery* week to make it hurt again!

DAY 45:  Biceps & Back; Ab Ripper X

HALF WAY DONE!!!!  Woot woot!  And I felt like crap AND we got a call letting us know our ride for the day was picking us up a half an hour earlier than they'd said the night before, the the chips were all pointing towards missing this workout, but I pushed play anyway!  As always, the pull ups kinda sucked, but I think I did ok, considering the circumstances, w/my bicep stuff.  However, I did forget to get back to Ab Ripper once we got home and I'm NOT happy about it....

DAY 46:  Yoga X
Still feeling crappy & still not feeling like working out, but I did (most of) it, anyway.  I did ALL of the *hard part* (the first 5o minutes) and the first of the more difficult balance poses before I quit.  I just didn't feel like doing all of the stretches; I know, that's the easy part, but that's also the part I felt least guilty about missing.  I was beating myself up, but then I realized at least I did most of it!  Usually, feeling like I did, I wouldn't have worked out at all, so that's progress!

DAY 47:  Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

My husband did this work out w/me, and that always makes it more entertaining!  The leg exercises are actually feeling a little easier, which, again, tells me it's almost recovery week so it starts sucking again!  I'm not even talking about pull ups anymore, but I am thinking of getting some bands and seeing how they work...

Ab Ripper burned, as always!  

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