Thursday, January 8, 2009

P90X-Take 2: Days 1-8

Days 1-8 are complete and it hasn't been bad! I started the program on a Thursday and I like the timing of my new schedule a little better. My day off falls on Wednesday, which is a nice mid week break and Yoga falls on Sunday, which makes it much easier to fit in the 90 minute marathon!

It's amazing how much strength & flexibility I've lost since my last go round! I could barely do 1 pull up on SOME of the varieties, where as I ended being able to do TWO of each before adding the cheater chair last time.

A quick recap, day by day:

Day 1: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper:
This was tough. It was very evident I'd lost strength, both in the push ups AND the pull ups. I'd forgotten just how difficult the Diamond Push Ups and the Under the Fence (I forget their real name) Push Ups are! I found there were 2 exercises in Ab Ripper where I felt strain in my lower back (Wide Leg Cross Leg and Roll Up V-Up) so I did NOT do them (but did add another ab exercise of my own in their places). I also forgot how much I hate the opening 4 exercises; they kill my hip flexors!

Day 2: Plyometrics:
Sore already; I love this feeling! Plyo wasn't bad because I found I didn't remember all of the exercises, so I didn't know when the end was near.

Day 3: Arms & Shoulders, Ab Ripper:
Still the easiest day, in my book, but did have cramping in my hands/fingers again. I still also find myself slacking a little because I'm too lazy to take the Selectorize dumbells back to their base to switch weight (hey, look at the title "admittedly lazy..."). Ab Ripper was burning!

Day 4: Yoga:
This is tough! I really need to keep my core tight and watch my form, as I do tend to feel a little tugging in my lower back on some of these moves. The opening 45 minutes is tough and then it gets a little easier. I am glad this now falls on a Sunday!

Day 5: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper:
Ugh, legs and pull ups, what a crappy combo! The legs weren't as bad as I thought (but I also didn't add any extra weights, next week!), but I still hate pull ups! I even did ALL of the calf exercises! My husband and I did Ab Ripper together, so I got a bonus ab workout from laughing so hard!

Day 6: Kenpo X:
I don't mind this one, other the yoga positions warm up. Just when I'm ready to quit, we move onto blocks and they're a little easier for me the the rest of the stuff, so it's good timing.

Day 7: REST :)
Sadly, this fell on a SNOW DAY, so while it was nice to rest, it would have been an easy day for me to fit a work out in (I did shovel ice though, so that counts for something). I almost did some other workout, but decided there's a planned rest day for a reason, and I was very tired so my body must be telling me something.

Day 8: Back to Chest & Back, Ab Ripper:
As much as I just wanted to sleep on the couch or watch Top Chef, I made myself do this this morning and I'm so glad I did! I already feel stronger. My pull ups feel better, as did the push ups. I'm already sore (just 5 hours later) which is a good sign! I'll do Ab Ripper when I get home tonight before watching the BCS title, oops, I mean championship, sorry Utes, game!

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