Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take 2: DAY 10


I am very proud of myself for completing todays workouts.  My husband and I woke up early to travel to pick up our cross country skis and then went cross country skiing (my first time).  I didn't last very long (apparently ice underneath the snow doesn't make for prime conditions), but did get in a solid 25 minutes of some semblance of cross country skiing...and it's def all the workout it's hyped to be!  

We got home from skiing and the last thing I wanted to do was P90X, but I was not going to type that I missed a day, so I pushed play and took off.  Luckily, I think this is one of the *easier* workouts (though my shoulders were already on fire from my attempts to ski).  I made it through, though, after the first round, I prob didn't use the weights I should have; I'll have to up them next time.

Ab Ripper went well; I replaced the 2 that hurt w/ab exercises of my own and even did the bonus round.  

Finished working out and headed back out into the frozen tundra to shovel.  NOT looking forward to Yoga tomorrow (today)....

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