Friday, January 16, 2009

Take 2: DAY 16


BIG shout out to me for doing Plyo on a FRIDAY, after school!  I was counting my proverbial chickens before they hatched and counting on a 2 hour delay today, so I procrastinated and did NOT do it this morning (I watched Gray's Anatomy instead :) ).  I had a looooong day (my colleague with whom I'm co-teaching just became a father so I was pulling double duty today) and was not in the mood to workout when I got home (plus, my husband tried to talk me into having a beer with him).  However, I did it!!

The hardest part of this workout was pushing play.  Once I got started, it was great.  I'm actually starting to feel a difference in the exercises; they're becoming easier and I (think) I have better form.  Good stuff!  And now I'm off to start my weekend...

PS  I guess I should add I'm still a big fat cheaterhead and am only doing 15 sec each leg on the Hot Cross move....

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