Thursday, January 8, 2009

P90X-Take 2

So, apparently once you hit 30 it's not so easy to maintain a 20-something body...especially when you eat and drink like a 17 year old boy-who knew? I've decided to give P90X another go, including blogging about my experience.

I'm a little late to the game is starting the blog because....well, honestly because I wasn't sure I'd stick w/it! I'm already on Day 8, so my second-first post will be a recap of Days 1-8. Last time I attempted P90X I hurt my back during the very first day (because I am an idiot. No really, I am. I had the chair set BEHIND me during pull ups, so I was hyperextending each rep. The worst part was, I didn't even realize it throughout the whole workout, until I watched my husband do his and noticed the girl on the DVD!) and while I made it almost 3 weeks, I was in a considerable amount of pain and knew I needed to give it some rest. I still continued to work out (an assortment of running, Wii Fit, walking, lifting, Tae Bo, etc), but no P90X.

Fat (that WAS a typo, but it's pretty fitting, so I'll leave it) forward to now and I am S-O-F-T soft. Gross. I am the fattest I've ever been in my whole life. I don't use scales, so I can't give you a number, but I've seen pics and it ain't pretty...even my face is fat! So, I decided it's time to give P90X another go (w/the cheater chair correctly placed, this time...) because this is not the me I want to be (and last time I lost a couple of inches in just the first 2 weeks!)...

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