Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TAKE 2: DAY 19

DAY 19:  Legs & Back, Ab Ripper

I'm still loving that nothing is repeated in this workout...well, except for the pull ups.  These leg exercises are KILLER and I'm always so glad that when I'm done w/one, I'm DONE...at least until the next time.  I even added weight this time to the exercises for which Tony encourages them.

I'm not feeling the pull ups.  They don't seem to get any easier and I can still only do ONE before using the cheater chair.  I'm not a big fan of things I'm not instantly able to do well...

Once again, I'm pretty proud of myself because I made myself do Ab Ripper at 9:30 when all I really wanted to do was go to bed...but, I did it!

It's almost time to get ready for work and I haven't done Kenpo X yet, so I guess that will have to wait until after work...

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