Friday, January 9, 2009

Take 2-DAY 9

(Before I get to today, I'd like to point out that I did manage to make myself do Ab Ripper X last night after I got home from my long day and ate dinner! I skipped the 2 that are hurting my back, but I didn't do fillers as I was cutting it close to the BCS "championship" kickoff...I did, however, do the BONUS!)

Today was the mother of all P90X workouts: Plyo! I did not wear my heart rate monitor, as it was in my car and I was too lazy (and it was too cold out) for me to go get it. Even w/out my heart rate monitor, I can safely say this was an excellent cardio workout as I was drenched in sweat! As much as I didn't feel like pushing play, this was a great workout for me today. I really pushed myself and felt good. I found it helps the workout go by for me if I count the sets (there are 5 sets and you do 2 reps of each exercise: 30 sec, 30 sec, 30 sec, 1 min...I counted 1...1.5....2....2.5, etc). I would have even done the bonus round (maybe) if I had had enough time.

My back and abs were sore today, but my chest not as much, letting me know I need to go deeper/further w/my push ups next week. I also have a slight twinge in my lower back, but I'm fairly certain it's a result of shoveling ice on Wed and sitting in a metal folding chair for 3 hours scoring a swim meet yesterday, NOT the program.


La Gitana said...

Wow LTH....sounds like a tough program! Great going though! Keep up the good work!

Aquachick said...

Thanks, Gitano! I know it sounds silly since this blog is very subject specific and no one reads it, but it really helps me knowing I *have* to post here! I don't want to have to type "Didn't do it today..."!