Friday, January 23, 2009

TAKE 2: DAYS 20, 21, & 22

(I wrote a post yesterday on Days 20-21, but it wouldn't post and then it disappeared...)

DAY 20:  Kenpo X

This could be my favorite P90X workout!  I really like how fast paced it is; it seems it's almost over before I even realize it.  I must admit, there is one move I still can't do...Star Blocks.  I'm just not very coordinated...I need to practice it on a day I'm not doing it, but I never remember I can't do it until I'm doing the workout.  I even waited until after work to do this and it still didn't suck!


Rest, glorious rest!  I take back what I said above-THIS is my favorite P90X day ;)!  It's not so much the not working out part I like about this day as the not having the commitment to workout!

DAY 22:  Yoga X

This is the start of Week 4, which is a *recovery* week, so it's a different line up of workouts.  The thing I'm least looking forward to about this week is TWO weekday Yoga workouts!  At least I have one of them done and out of the way now.  I must admit, this was the best the Yoga workout has ever felt for me.  I feel I'm getting deeper in my poses and I'm able to hold them all (except Twisting Half Moon...I'm already on my way back to Runner's Pose because I forget about it and then I have to rush to get in it).  I still wish this wasn't 92 minutes long, though...

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