Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take 2: DAY 13


Even though I procrastinated and did not complete this work out this morning before work (I was a little sore and I lot tired from all of yesterday's activities), this was still a great workout!  I finally pushed play after the weather on the 5:00 news (I'm hoping for a cold delay for school tomorrow :) ) and the workout flew by.  It seemed there were only 14 minutes left before I even knew it.  This is a fairly intense workout (I mean, when your BREAKS are jogging, jump roping, jumping jacks, and X jumps you know it's non-stop!), but just when I think I can't punch (or kick, or block) anymore, a *break* comes and we move on.  I must say though, I AM very much looking forward to my day off tomorrow (though I plan to do aerobics w/the crowd at work after school tomorrow for a bonus workout...hope I'm not regretting that on Thursday!)!!!  Maybe next Kenpo day I'll actually remember to wear my HR monitor...

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