Thursday, January 29, 2009

TAKE 2: DAY 28 & DAY 29

DAY 28:  Rest, glorious rest

Today was a rest day, as well as a SNOW DAY!  Yeah! I intended to take full advantage of the rest day, but I did end up getting more exercise in than I'd bargained for!  My husband and I played some Wii Tennis in the morning, which I thought would be the extent of my *physical activity*...until we got our FJ stuck in the snow.  Yep, spent a decent amount of time (though not nearly to the extent of my amazing husband) attempting to push the FJ out and trudging through the snow back to the main road.  Not what I had in mind for a rest/snow day ;)!

DAY 29:  Chest, triceps, and shoulders

So, I'm just going to be blunt...this workout SUCKS!  Not my best effort today, I must admit; I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired/a little sore from yesterday's FJ debacle or just because I didn't *know* this workout.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, whether I'd be repeating exercises and needed to save a little or if they were one and done.  They were (thankfully!) one and done.  I do like the set up of the workout (push up exercise, shoulder exercise, tri exercise), but it is def one of the more difficult ones.  I could barely do a couple of the exercises (I'm not sure why I have such a hard time w/the lying down side tricep push ups).  If there was ever a workout I was waiting to hear "Bonus Round" so I could quit, it was this one.  There is so bonus just have to keep going.  I'm glad I got this over with and I'm sure it won't be so bad next week!  I'll do Ab Ripper this evening (or maybe even when I'm done here!).

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