Monday, January 19, 2009

TAKE 2: DAYS 17 & 18

Day 17:  Arms & Shoulders, Ab Ripper:

Today was a good workout!  I finally did justice to this workout; I took my time and upped to the weights to where I was struggling to complete 15 (or 16) reps.  My triceps and delts are sore (though I seem to have a hard time getting my biceps sore...not sure why, but this has been the way I've been for as long as I can remember) and my abs were sore from Ab Ripper before the day ended: good stuff!  

Day 18:   Yoga:

Once again, I'm so glad this workout now falls on a Sunday for me, otherwise, I don't know how I'd ever fit it in!!  92 minutes is a looooong time!  This workout felt better today, too.  I did the 50 minutes of moving poses, then stopped (as my husband arrived home with dinner) and finished to balance postures and Yoga Belly 7 after I ate.  

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